SES Friday News Blast

January 16, 2015

It was a Blue Friday for all the Right Reasons!

It was wonderful to see all the students and staff decked out in Colts blue and white today! The coloring pages in the hallway were a nice touch along with the cookies provided by our wonderful PTO. I am very excited for our PTO meeting next Thursday, January 22 beginning at 7:00 in the computer lab. It looks like we have a very dedicated group of parents, and a few more who want to jump in, who like to do what is best for our kids. Enjoy your weekend, consider watching the game, and enjoy your day on Monday. WHEN we win on Sunday, we will have another Blue Friday to get ready for our trip to the Super Bowl!

Google Calendar

It was brought to my attention this morning that you don't have all the dates in your Google Calendar for the upcoming assessments. I started working today to share those "corporation" events with you in Google Calendars. As time progresses, I will continue to add them to you to calendars. Something I like to do in the mornings is open email, calendars, and drive. They stay open all day so I can click over real fast and check email, documents and dates. Maybe this is a practice you want to consider.

When I create an event, like ISTEP, staff meetings or a convocation, you don't have to reply that you are going to attend. Obviously, you're coming/participating. Now, if there is an invite for something like a case conference, please respond.

Basically, if it is for the whole staff, don't respond. If it is for a small group, respond. Clear as mud????

January "Joy" Rocks

Teacher Appraisal Committee Update

Yesterday, Jenny Watkin and I went to our TAP Committee Meeting. Below is what came out of the meeting. This is the break down of how you will be assessed at the conclusion of the year. Feel free to see either of us if you have questions or concerns.

Grade K-3:

80% Teacher Effectiveness Rubric

5% School Letter Grade

8% Grade Level End of Year Assessments

7% Individual Classroom End of Year Assessments

Grades 4/5:

80% Teacher Effectiveness Rubric

5% School Letter Grade

8% ISTEP+ Growth

4% Grade Level End of Year Assessments

3% Individual Classroom End of Year Assessments

Keep Up the Good Fight

You all continue to impress me with your technology and CLASS strategies integration! I am loving the "I Can" statements in the classrooms, morning messages, and use of video clips to enrich instruction. I even saw a teacher using in a lesson the same day we used it as a staff! Keep up the good fight! Don't forget we have resources in our Google Docs folder for some of our CLASS Strategies on "I Can" statements and morning messages/hallway greetings.

Upcoming Dates

January 19th: MLK Jr. Day - No School

January 19-30th: Acuity Readiness B: LA/Math Window Open

January 22nd: PTO Meeting @ 7:00 pm

January 26th: Kindergarten Curriculum Work @ EPS

January 27th: First Grade Curriculum Work @ EPS

January 28th: Second Grade Curriculum Work @ EPS

February 2-6th: High Ability Testing Window

February 3rd: Third Grade Curriculum Work @ EIS

February 4th: Fourth Grade Curriculum Work @ EIS

February 5th: Faculty Meeting @ 7:30 am