Meiosis and Mitosis

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Mitosis What is it?

Mitosis is the rebuilding of cells. It is the process of repairing them. during mitosis the DNA becomes more and more tightly coiled and then they are chromosomes. this is the process in which a eukaryotic cell separates into 2 sets of chromosomes so there will be 2 identical nuclei with an equal distribution of organelles

Meiosis what is it?

Meiosis is the reproducing of cells. it i the process where male and female reproduce and give their offspring 23 of their chromosomes giving the offspring 46 chromosomes. you have genes which are you're characteristics.

The 1st difference of many

In mitosis the cells are identical where in meiosis the cells diverse

The 2nd difference of meiosis and mitosis

Another difference between meiosis and mitosis is that in meiosis the cells reproduce but in mitosis it repairs the cells.

the 3rd difference

In mitosis they have phases prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase where in meiosis they have two sets of prophase I and II, metaphase I and II, anaphase I and II and telophase I and II

another difference the 4th difference

In meiosis there is a male and a female that help make one offspring but in mitosis one cell divides into two separate chromosomes with identical DNA.

the 5th difference

in mitosis the homologous chromosomes don't cross over where in meiosis the homologous chromosomes do cross over

the 6th and final difference

In Mitosis the centromeres divide in anaphase and in meiosis centromeres divide in anaphase II but not in anaphase I