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Time and Your Money

Time and Money working for you

We at Financial 20-20 empower you with a focused education and tools essential in every aspect of your life. We teach you how to run your own home-based business. Our leaders and coaches will be your mentor at NO COST! Training is offered by way of one on one conversations, team support conversations, conference calls, skype availability, and webcasts.

Financial 20-20 is a team build for your home based business with the purpose of teaching how to make TIME AND MONEY WORK FOR YOU

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Our Pledge to you

We believe it our personal responsibility to provide you with the best possible training and leadership to accelerate your home based business. You will have the opportunity to work side by side with leaders in the industry with many years combined experience.

Our goal is YOUR achievement of financial independence through practiced methods of the wealth but through your very own home based business. We will teach the lessons of leverage through our team build in Financial 20-20.

Our team based concept teaches you how to make time and money work for you. We are a true team build using team resources to grow your home based business and achieve financial freedom. With dedication to your goals, you will have “Time and Money Working For You”. We believe business do not grow on their own; people grow and take the business to the next level. As a result we have a significant emphasis on leadership development, evolution and expansion of team development through every individual.

Live life on your terms. Your home based business coupled with Financial 20-20 will teach you how you can have “TIME AND MONEY WORK FOR YOU!”

Our Strategy

  • We believe in a business which provides predictable, proven and profitable results with very few referrals and modest effort. Therefore, each business makes each active team member’s success a high probability. We interview key leaders in each business. We, as a team, conclude which business meets our criteria and will contribute to every team member’s overall financial success. We are currently pre registering members for our Flagship program.