Francus Drake

English sea captain, privateer, navigator, and politition


Born around 1540-1544 in Devinshire, England.

Sailed for England in 1572 after Queen Elizabeth gave him a privateer's commission.

Francis Drake is granted a privateer by Queen Elizabeth

Monday, Feb. 7th 1572 at 5pm

England, United Kingdom


Sir Francis Drake Circumnavigation via Google Earth

Where was he from?

Devinshire, England

Who did he sail for?

Queen Elizabeth of England.

Routes Taken

In 1577 Queen Elizabeth commissioned Drake to explore around South America through the Strait of Magellan. Four of his five ships were lost. He then traveled with the one ship they had left and went to modern day California, claiming it for Queen Elizabeth. Next to the Cape of good hope and back to Plymouth Harbor in 1580.

Years of explorations

  • 1566-1577 Drake sails with captain Lovell to Carribean on slave trading Route
  • 1567 Drake sails with John Hawkins to the new world
  • 1570-1571 Drake sails to the West Indies
  • 1577-1580 Drake sails around the world in the Golden Hind
  • 1579 Drake discovers the coast of California
  • 1579 Drake sails across the Pacific

Places he Discovered

  • Coastline of California
  • Sailing route around the whole world

Amazing Feats

  • Sailing across the Pacific Ocean and around the whole world
  • First Englishmen to sail in a Golden Hind
  • Overtakes the Spanish ship Nuestra de la Conceocion
  • Defeated the Spanish Armada


  • Becoming a privateer of Queen Elizabeth
  • Circumnavigating around the world
  • He was a skilled privateer, sea captain, and slaver
  • Captured slaves and settlers from Africa


Very brave- He survived the most fierce passage on earth, between Antarctica and South America, now called the Drake Passage.

Adventurous- He spent 3 years sailing around the world

Tenacious- Despite the loss of his two brothers, he did not leave Panama until he was rich

Purpose of his Voyages

  • Power- He capture slaves to grow in power
  • Wealth- He stayed in Panama until he captured the town Nombre de Dios and gained all of its treasure
  • Defeat the Spanish- Spanish people killed his cousins when he was young and his hatred for them grew during his lifetime. He captured many Spanish settlements on his voyages around South America

Below is Francis Drake being commissioned by Queen Elizabeth.

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Outcome of his Voyages

  • He became the first Englishmen to sail around the world
  • He gained much wealth
  • Discovered the coastline of California
  • Defeated many Spanish ships and settlements

Significant events

  • Francis was appointed vice admiral of the English Navy in 1588
  • He defeated the Spanish Armada