The Fox: A Blackfoot Legend

Sometimes laughter isn't the best medicine.

Old Man and his Fox go hunting, yet find nothing. As they searched, they went up over a ridge and spotted 4 bulls lying down. Knowing he could not just go in for the kill, Old Man knew he needed to devise a plan to capture and kill them. Old Man requested Fox to pose as a distraction to the nearby bulls. He told Fox to shave off his fur the leave the tuft on his tail and make them laugh to death. As the Fox followed through because he was unable to come up with a better plan, the Fox went and made the bulls laugh themselves to death and the Old Man proceeded skinning them. As he was skinning them, it had gotten colder. Not realizing Fox was suffering, he continued talking and was angered when he didn't get a response. As he turned back he saw the Fox had died.
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