Energy For The Future

Aya Berwind

Overview Paragraph

Solar energy is created by our sun and retrieved by solar panels. Solar energy is considerd renewable because there is no shortage and we can use the same energy over and over without being wasteful. Wind energy, wind power is created by cool air from the surface of the water rises to the land and there it warms and rises again to create wind.Wind energy is collected by wind turbines. Wind energy is considered renewable because there is a never ending source of it and it does not create allot of exes waste while in the process of becoming power. The human race should use wind energy in the future it is easy to get and green. Geothermal energy is found in our earth.

It is collected by diging deep holes in the ground to collect earths heat. Geothermal energy is renewable because you can never run out . I do not think we as humans should use geothermal energy in the future if at all possible!

Wind persuasive paragraph


We should use wind power for our future. In 2008 and 2012 wind power has provided 36.5% of our energy so if we keep up the good growth we can be at 101% instead of only 36.5%. At one point in time as much as 45% of Spains energy is wind energy so that leads me to the conclusion that if they can get close to 50% why cant we. There is one more fact to be sure to persude you to vote on wind energy as our future energy. Theirs enough on shore wind in America to power our country 10 times over!! So i say why not use it to our advantage? Wind energy is also renewable because you can never run out and it does not harm the earth like fossil fuels, so i say rock on green!!


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