Objectively the best colony, in our opinion

Our History:

First European to visit us was the spaniard, Hernando De soto in 1540 looking for gold.

The Spanish landed in GA first, but later the English visited, and King George II issued a charter in 1732, so that the refugees could make a settlement there


We are at the bottom of the 13 colonies, on the southeastern coast of the "New World"

The rich farmland and warm and temperate climate of georgia allowed it to be a good haven for crops like indigo, rice, and cotton

Exports of these crops allowed us to gain wealth relatively quickly

About Us

We are a Southern Colony

Our Religion is Protestant Christian

We have a chartered government

Our main trade is agriculture

Major Events and key people

James Oglethorpe had to ask Yamahaw Chief Tomochichi permission in order to settle in the savannah area

A group of german settlers arrived in 1734, and founded a separate settlement, Ebenezer.

Key People:

James Oglethorpe- Founded the colony for protestant refugees

Chief Tomochichi-Yamacraw Leader, Went to England to settle a fair separation of land for the settlers and the Yamacraw tribe.