Laser Resurfacing, Mississippi

An Effective Remedy for Wrinkles, Age Spots and Hair Removal

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Get best Laser Resurfacing Treatment for
  • Stretch marks,
  • Wrinkles, age spots,
  • Facial veins,
  • Nail fungus,
  • Tattoo
  • And hair removal as well as a variety of skin conditions including rosacea and keloids
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Review From Our Satisfied Patient-

I have lived with acne scars for many years. Previous treatments ranging from creams to microdermabrasion were disappointing. I had almost given up on having a clear skin when a friend suggested consulting Mississippi Medical Aesthetics. I am so glad I did. My acne marks are barely visible and I feel confident that they will soon disappear. Thank you to the excellent team that made my dream come true.”

Our Non-Surgical Treatment Includes:

  • Lumenis Ultrapulse Fractionated CO2 Laser
  • Candela Pulsed Dye Laser
  • Candela Alexandrite GentleLASE Laser
  • Candela TriVantage Laser
  • Laser nail fungus treatment