Teen Dating Violence

By Heesoo, Binish and Zoey

What is Teen Dating Abuse?

Teen Dating Abuse, also known as Teen Domestic Abuse, is a pattern of controlling behavior that someone uses against the girlfriend or boyfriend.

Alexandra's Story...

Teen Dating Abuse had become a serious problem to our society. Now days many people experienced dating abuse at a early age when they are in their teenage years. Alexandra is one of the many teenagers in this world that has experienced Teen Dating Abuse. She knows the causes and she doesn't want any more of the teenagers to end up like her so she shared her story with the people.

At age 15, Alexandra fell hard for the star football player at her new school. "He bought me flowers. He wrote poems or write notes. We'd go out where I wanted to go. He'd exclude himself from his friends and focus on me." But after a few weeks, her dreamy romance became a real life nightmare. She says she didn't know anyone at school , so she thought he knew what to look out for. But his controlling ways turned into jealous rage, when he saw Alex talking to her new guys friend "A shove here and a push there, and then it would escalate," Alex recalls, "He would throw things and and he tried burning me." She felt ashamed and hid the abuse to her family.

When a school counselor spotted Alex's bruises, she told Alex it would be best if she break off the relationship before she wound up a statistic, paralyzed... even killed. Mr. Star Athlete beat Alex so severely for talking to the counselor that she had to be hospitalized. Eight months after meeting him, she finally broke up with him.

Alex now wants all the other girls in the world to know the causes of being abused by your boyfriend or being controlled by them, she wants all the girls to know that if you are getting abused you must not give up and look for help around you and stop the relationship with the abuser.

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  • You can get seriously injured or hurt, you can be hospitalized
  • The abuser might intend to kill you
  • You might commit suicide
  • Your attitude, personality, or thoughts can change
  • You can get disorders
  • You might live your whole entire life with fear



and more..

Legal Consequences

The victim can experience lots of consequences as said above but the abuser themselves can also experience some consequences. The legal consequences can be..

  • Permanent Restraints
  • Award of money damages
  • Liability for child or spousal support
  • Orders regarding child custody and visitation

Additionally, if a court find someone was violent, the court may refer the matter to law enforcement for criminal persecution.


  • Low self-esteem (When the victim has low self-esteem, she may not believe that anyone else will love or spend time with her)
  • Inexperience (Lack of experience with relationships)
  • Upbringing (Thinks that abusing their partner is normal)
  • Peer Pressure (Abuses their partner because of the image they have)
  • Immaturity (Not very mature of dealing with relationships)


Some solutions we found were a Live Person's Chat device. This Live Person platform enables counselors to receive both live chats and text messages in the same console, and send back advice securely and in real-time. The website Loveisrespect.org helps teen and young adults, ages 12~14 navigate the spectrum of healthy relationship behaviors.

Some other solutions can be...

  • Talk to a friend
  • Talk to your counselor
  • Try to steer your remote away from TV wrestling
  • Talk to your family
  • Look for solutions around you

Remember You are NOT ALONE!

Stop the Abuse

There are many ways to stop the abuse for example you can
  • Report the crime to a teacher or adult
  • Tell the abuser to stop
  • Tell the abuser the causes they will bring if they continue.
  • Tell the person who is getting abused the consequences and guve them advice
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