Elsie Doling tells more

By Skylar Fugate

Elsie Doling true words.

I was born on 10-10-1893 and I was 18 ween I went on the titanic and I was traviling with Mrs Ada Julia Elizabeth and Mr Henry Prince doling Hodges. And they didn't servive

the price of the the ticket

the price of the ticket was 13 powends

The Titantic

some of the facts about the titanic.

it was 882 feet 9 inches long. The funnels were 175 feet. It took 20 horses to take the main anchors to the ship

the titanic

the titanic got seven iceberg warnings

the radio person ignored on of them

then the titanic hit the iceberg

then the titanic sank in the ocean


Elsie died on march 3 1972

she lived in Southampton