A World Starving For Answers

Join us in helping feed the hungry.

Jahzaire Sutton's story

Jahzaire was a 12 year old boy who who went to school and he seemed normal but at home he and his family were not able to afford food. Jahzaire and his family were starving. This effected his school work. When Jahzaire went to school the only thing he could think about was food and his mother. Jahzaire's mother would most of the time give up her food for her children. She would not eat so her children could have enough energy to last through the day. The NYC Coalition Against Hunger is helping feed Jahzaire family and they are doing something to end world hunger.

Facts about world hunger

  • at least 1 million malnourished children die every year because they lack access to necessary nutrients
  • 17 million children suffer from severe acute malnutrition(a deadly condition if not properly treated)
  • If everyone could contribute a quarter a day that could provide $30,200,000,000 for families all over the world struggling to get proper nutrients and vitamins in food
  • Out of the 3.5 million people that were treated for malnutrition and illness:2,367,602 people in Nigeria, 132,435 people in the Democratic Republican of Congo, and 36,304 people in South Sudan
  • About 805 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy life.
  • 1 out of 4 people are undernourished.
  • Asia is the content where there is the most hungry people.

How can we help...

There's only a million ways you could help put an end to world hunger but a good place starts with you

  1. Become aware of how much money your wasting on food that you know your not going to eat.
  2. Use that money you saved your self to contribute to any fundraiser.
  3. Share the fundraiser with family and friends and keep spreading the word.
This is just one way you right now could help the world put an end to hunger. But the biggest impact for you to have on world hunger would be to...

  1. With approval from the U.S. government we would like to add $0.25 (a quarter) to your daily tax to contribute to world hunger.
  2. Have each region of the U.S. have a certain job to help: such as the south deliver to the required destination, while the north collects the tax for food.
this is only the beginning of something so lets start now by eating all of your lunch!
Hunger isn't just a stomach thing | World Vision