Targeted Services at Garden City

Fun Classes for the Kids

The Art of Book Making

3rd - 5th Grades - This class is taught by our resident artist and teacher Janae Winegarden. In this class third to 5th grade students will create books together. This includes developing a story board and writing the story to the "building" of the book. The culminating activity will be a performance of the the story at our Multicultural night celebration on March 10th.

Multimedia Extravaganza!

1st - 3rd Grades - In this course, taught by third grade teacher and school webmaster, Johanna Mueller, students will learn about........... These students will create a video movie using i-movies on a topic they choose. This movie will be previewed at our Multicultural Night on March 10th.

Computer Games

1. When are the classes? All classes meet 3 time per week. Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:15 - 9:15, and Wednesday after school from 4:15 - 5:15.

2. How do we get to class in the mornings? You are responsible for your child's transportation. If you know another student who is joining a class, perhaps you could car pool.

More Information

For more information contact program coordinator Nick Hall at 763-561-9768 or using the contact information below.