Ma celebrity- Tony Parker

By: Krishna Aara

Tony Parker

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13 Questions

2. Il age a-t-il trente-trois ans.

3. Il vient de pays Bruges, Belgium.

4. Qu'est-ce qu'il basketball.

5. Il est de quell nationalité Belgium.

6. Il habite Fecamp.

7. Il aime faire basketball, exercice, football, jour piano.

8. Il n'aime faire rapping.

9. Il sa couleur préférée bleu.

10. Il est sportif parce-que il jaime jouer basketball. Il est fort parce-que il courts basketballs. Il est travailleur parce-que il travailleur tres jouer décrocher prep la haut position. Il est interresant parce-que il devenir a basketball joueur tout de a soudain.

11. Tony Parker's les cheveux noir, les yeux verts, tres grand et mince.

12. Tony Parker porter un maillot de basketball noir et shorts noir, un pantalon vert et tee shirt bleu.

13. Il aime look sportif parce-que il est tres grand et fort.


Clothes can sometimes determine who you are based on your own judgement because Tony Parker usually wears his basketball jersey wherever he goes to show off his high position in his NBA team. We can use fashion as an identity because it explains your attitude toward something and it shows your expression but instead of showing it in your face, you show it in your clothes. Here's an example: There is a man. He is going to an interview, he will most likely wear a suit because he wants to show it to the interviewer that he is really serious about this job and the interviewer can trust him in doing it right. Sometimes we can judge people on the clothes they wear, depending on the situations. In school no one really looks at your clothes first and then talk to you, they come over observe your attitude and then you start looking at their clothes. But when you are at an interview, as how I described it in the second question, the interviewer will look at your clothes to see how serious you are in wanting this job and then only he will say," Hello! Sit down, please."

Word Bank

1. Joueur- Player

2. Fort- Strong

3. Exercice- Exercise

4. Soudain- Sudden

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