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9/13 Football Game Information

Football Gameday Details for Friday, 9/13/19

The band room will not close after school. Students can stay in the band room until call time.

Call: 4:30pm (when students should arrive by)

Uniform: 4:45pm (students need to be in full uniform by this time)

Transition to Field: 4:45-4:55pm

Warm-up/Run through: 4:55pm

Load Trailer: 5:15pm

Sock Check 5:25pm

Load Bus and leave: 5:30pm

Arrival at St. Joe: 6:00pm

March out: 6:30pm

Perform show: 6:40pm

Star Spangled Banner: 6:55pm

Move to Stands: 7:00pm

*Students who need to leave for religious reasons will go to BUS 8 with Mr. Emeigh IMMEDIATELY following the performance. When they arrive to school, they will need to hang up their uniform before leaving.*

Play for the game. Students will get 3rd quarter off to eat/rest. Students should bring money for the concession stand.

Approximate end time: 9:20pm

*Any parent who wishes to take their student home after the game, can. You must see a director to check out your student. If you are taking another student home, that student's parent must send an email or written note to the director giving permission.*

Load Bus: 9:30pm

Approximate arrival at BSHS: 10:00pm

*Students must unload the trailer and hang up their uniform BEFORE leaving*


All high school band students need to wear the following items under their uniform:

Dragon shirt

Athletic shorts/yoga pants/athletic pants(non-baggy)

They also need:

Drillmaster shoes

LONG black socks

Black gloves - can be purchased in the band room for $2. If your student has gloves from last year, they should wear them.

Looking ahead to next week

Next week our Tuesday (September 17th) rehearsal will be at Andrews University. Please see the Campus Map PDF below to see where the football field is located.

Rehearsal will still begin at 6:30pm, so please plan extra time as needed.

Questions? Contact Us!

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