Skin Kit Challenge

What is Skin Kit? How to Use It. How to Work It!

What's a Skin Kit and How They Will Maximize Your Business!

Tight on time, working Beautycounter into a part-time - full-time work week or a full time mom? Well - Meet The Skin Kit! This little beauty works for you when you are not and here is how you do it! Your product is not selling it self when it is sitting at home, right? So get it out there - it is as easy as a drop off and a pick up! Here it goes!

You may have seen Michelle Skinner Post on this on our FB Group Page - I wanted to get it straight to you and add my spin on it!

1) What is a face kit? A face kit is any product/s you choose to leave with a client for a couple days with some handy reading material too. Can be the Essential Line, Countertime Line or a combination - could even throw in the Kids Products! For example, it could be the Essentials line with the Tip Card and a Lip Sheer, Look Book, Tri-fold (9024 - Intro to Beautycounter Tri-Fold 50 pack), business card, order form, and whatever other material you like to read or give others to read.

2) Does it need to be a sample size? No. Typically I give full bottles to my clients because the entire experience will be more enjoyable and will be harder to part with. If I'm giving up my product and won't have anything to use, pump some product into little jars for yourself to use during that time. Sample sizes can be nice for products that comes in a jar, we don't want to have people dipping fingers in products that have a screw top. If they live far away, sample sizes might be best financially.

3) How long do they keep my product? I usually say 3-4 days - not too short. Drop on Monday, pick up on Thursday. Drop those ones off on Thursday, pick up on Sunday. Start the cycle again with your wait list of clients.

4) Have your client work for you. When you drop the face kit off, let them know that you will offer free shipping to her if she has someone that she thinks would like it too! And remind her that if she really likes something, fill out the order form so you can make sure she gets her own quickly! This way it doesn't feel so awkward when you pick up the face kit and ask her if she wants to get something. I absolutely LOVE this part - the hard part is the ask right? So take out the ask and add an order form right in the bag:)

5) What do you say? People love samples and the chance to try new products. I ask friends who I know are like minded or who have liked a post or two on my personal or business page. Here is one of my messages:

I wanted to connect with you because you have been liking my posts (thank you!!!) and I wanted to shoot you a note to see if you have heard about Beautycounter yet? I’m sure you have since you are clearly health & wellness focused and if not, it is totally a brand you need to know. We are all about bringing safe & luxurious products to market, because there is so much junk in our beauty bottles that are disruption our systems. Beautycounter has had a ton of press this season on the Today Show and through our partners Jcrew and GOOP (Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand). It is so important, especially with young women to get them products that don’t mess with their hormonal system - at any age! I have had too many friends with reproductive problems at 30ish and I know Addison, at 9 (almost 10), will be going through puberty too soon. So I am trying to lighten our, and her, toxic load however I can, and I know so many come through our personal care products. That is why I am so engaged in this brand! So check it out - there is a ton of information on the site! Take a look because I think you will be impressed!:) Let me know what you think! Would love to hook you up with any products and meet for coffee:) Are you in the DSM area?

(Michelle's idea)

I wouldn't start by saying "Would you like to test out some Beautcounter products?" Easy answer is "no." Why not try..."I just got one of my sample kits back and I thought you might be curious to see what the products are like. Why don't I just leave it at your door and it can be a fun treat when you get home from work! I can't wait to hear what you think about them!"

Here is a great examples from Morgan - she posted these to her page and you can tweak it to a message too:

This gorgeously safe and non-toxic skincare kit is making its way to my girlfriend Leslie's home for the week! She's ready to make the switch to safer beauty and I have a feeling she's going to fall in love with Beautycounter like so many others already have.

If you'd like to be added to the waitlist to try product collection, message me and I can personalize the products to fit your specific skincare or cosmetic needs! ‪#‎practicesafebeauty‬ ‪#‎switchtosafer‬ ‪#‎beautyonamission‬‪#‎toxinsnotinclude‬

6) Get those Kits out there!
I love this channel for our products - great to drop off on the way to school, at lunch or after work. You can set a time to meet after and see what the response was - ask her what she liked, how her skin felt etc.

Let's get going ladies and have a killer start to 2016!! What will you happen if you do 1 a week, 2 a week or 4 a month! Let me know! I am in this with you and will be getting my contact list together:)

Skin Kit - Face Collection (Essential or Countertime Line)

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Body Kit - Body Collection + Lustro Oil

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What to Include - Catalog, Tri-fold, Opportunity Brochure, Business Card, Hand Written Note

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Kelli Weber, Senior Director

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