Seesaw for Schools

Students Documenting Their Learning Journey @ BC

Invite Parents to Connect to Students in Your Class

There are two ways to help families connect to a class.

  1. Paper invite - Send paper invites with a QR code or web address.
  2. Email invite - Send an email that explains Seesaw and provides a link for families to access.

Getting Started Guide

There are some great ideas in these guides! Check out the visuals for a recording spot, adding to your journal during math or writing, WOW work, and more!

Kindergarten Getting Started Guide

First Grade Getting Started Guide

Second Grade Getting Started Guide

Third Grade Getting Started Guide

Fourth Grade Getting Started Guide

Fifth Grade Getting Started Guide

Sixth Grade Getting Started Guide

Seesaw Skills

Benton CSD priority standards have been added to Seesaw Skills at Keystone Elementary. This is a great way to attach standards to student artifacts to build your body of evidence. The Seesaw Skills tab on your Teacher Page will give you a great color coded visual of standards that have been assessed and where students on in their level of understanding.

Tag a skill to student artifacts:

  1. Tap on the graduation hat icon under the artifact.
  2. Select the standard (skill) you'd like to attach to the artifact.
  3. Assess the artifact using the 4- star scale (aligned with our district-wide proficiency scales). This step is optional.
  4. Select the green check.

PD in Your PJs

Seesaw HELP has many great resources. You can look to this resource for information in adding artifacts, lessons for your students, ways to engage families and more!

Seesaw offers daily webinars called PD in Your PJs. Check out their calendar or options HERE.