Flipped Classroom: YES!!!!!

By: Denise Gonzalez

Flipped Classroom is awesome!

All around the world is using flipped classroom, for example United states of America. Flipped classroom is too helped students to succeed in school. In flipped classroom is about the students learning , by seeing videos at home, so they can understand. Also theirs a lot of students that has a unique power to understand their classes, but they're others students that doesn't have the ability to understand their classes . If flipped classroom didn't exist in some area , students will fail school and couldn't get there degree in high school or middle school or elementary or even College. Flipped Classroom is a great way for students to understand school.
Showing the Differences between a Traditional and a Flipped Classroom

Clintondale high school is a Flipped classroom

Before they were a flipped classroom. Their students were failing. They didn't care about school, homework and even their grade. According to principal Grey Green said," Every year, our failure rates have been through the roof. The students weren’t paying attention, they weren’t doing their homework, they were being disruptive, or they weren’t coming to school at all. Sadly, these issues are not that uncommon, particularly in this economic climate, where the percentage of students who fall into the poverty category is increasing by the day." It means that students didn't care about school at all. So all the staff decide that students should improve their grades. "At Clintondale High School, we have been using this education model for the past 18 months. During this time, our attendance rate has increased, our discipline rate decreased, and, most importantly, our failure rate — the number of students failing each class — has gone down significantly. When we first implemented this model in the ninth grade, our student failure rate dropped by 33% in one year." (http://schoolsofthought.blogs.cnn.com/2012/01/18/my-view-flipped-classrooms-give-every-student-a-chance-to-succeed/)

What a 'flipped' classroom looks like
In conclusion, flipped classroom is a great thing to help different kind of students they need help. For example Clintondale high school had improved their academic. All around the world is using flipped classroom. Flipped classroom is helping students to succeed in life. It helps students to use there resources they have.