The Giant Pandas are endangered...

What will you do to help? By: Eoin T. L. Wilson

What do Giant Pandas look like?

That's a good question. The Giant Panda is black and white, and it is big and plump. It has a bulky body, a round head, a short, stubby tail, and it is very furry. It also has round ears. Adult Giant Pandas can grow to be more than four feet tall, and two-hundred twenty to three-hundred thirty pounds. But a baby is about the size of a stick of butter. That is pretty small! Now you know what the Giant Panda looks like.

Where Giant Pandas Live and Why They Are Endangered?

Great question. The Giant Panda is endangered for a couple of reasons. One, its habitat (Bamboo forests of Central China, sometimes in mountains) has been destroyed relentlessly. Also, they have been illegally hunted over the past years. There are thought to be about one-thousand, eight-hundred of them left in the world. They are currently ranked "endangered."

What Can Be Done and What is Being Done To Save The Giant Pandas?

I wonder? One company that is helping the Giant Pandas is W.W.F. They are doing a few things to help. One, they're increasing habitats, two, they're patrolling for poaching, and three, they're researching. You can do all these things too.