March School Counseling Newsletter

Lear North Elementary School

The Invisible Boy

As we move into the month of March, springtime is almost upon us! Over the past few months, I have been building on different character traits. In these discussions with kids, I always come back to friendship. In the latest book we read, "The Invisible Boy" by Trudy Ludwig, the message is clear. All it takes is one person to make someone feel less invisible; all it takes is one person to make a big difference in someone's life. I tell students that they can be that one person. After I read the story, I show the kids an experiment where I have them pretend that a plate of water is their classroom. I then tell them that the pepper that I add to the classroom are the students. When I add a bar of soap to the middle the pepper disperses. I ask the kids to pretend that the soap is a new student. The new student in the story was treated poorly by the students. I ask students to think of ways that they can get all the students to come back to the center and be friends. I show how this can happen by adding sugar to the middle. As I add the sugar, the pepper (students) come back to the center. The sugar represents all of the kind things that we can say and do for each other. The kids loved this experiment!

I wanted to see what kids learned and what they like from the lesson so I gave each student a sticky note to stick on the board after writing what they either learned or liked. It seemed like most kids remembered and like when I put the pepper and the sugar in the plate of water.

Fr "I" Statements

We all love french fries! Most french fries are unhealthy, but Mr. Andrews' Fr "I" Statements are very healthy and the kids will just eat them up! Fr "I" Statements are a respectful way of telling someone that you don't like what they are saying or doing. I will be coming in later this month to build on the tattling lesson In an effort to help students problem solve and give them specific things the can say and do.

Website Updates

I have been updating my webpage on the Lear North Elementary website. I have added some parenting articles and some resources on child and adolescent grief from the Hospice of the Western Reserve. Please check out the webpage often as new resources will be updated regularly. There is also a link to the online version of this newsletter.