Jackson Garner

born in Kennesaw, Ga

Family and Pets

I have one pet which is a little yorkie named max! As far as family and siblings My moms name is Karen and my dad is Bill. Also i have one older brother who just turned 21 and his name is brandon.

Sports, Hobbies, Favorites, And such.

I play for the highschool Lacrosse team here. I also play for a club team during the summer which is called Crossfire. I love to play fifa on xbox and hang out with my buddies, Jon and Riley. I occasionaly enjoy playing tennis and i love to talk about politics with open minded people of course. My favorite game is fifa, my favorite tv show is the big bang theory, and my favorite movies are the dark night and the lord of the rings movies.


I coach Little kids at a lacrosse camp in the Summer!

Person I Admire

I admire Didia Drogba. He is a soccer player who plays for Cote d'ivoire international and he plays for Galatasary. I admire him because A good portion of the money he earned as a soccer star was spent on building hospitals in Africa, he is just a good guy and a seemingly good role model.