Adobe Flash CS6

By Saketh Gollapudi

What I Learned

I learned how to do many new things in adobe flash. Some things i will never need to know but somethings are helpful either way I consider my self at least adept at Adobe Flash CS6.


I learned how to make buttons in Flash which let you transfer from one frame to another like any regular button. I learned how to change the color of the button when hovering and clicking.


I learned how to make characters that can move by pressing buttons on the keyboards such as demonstrated in the game. I never entirely figured out how to do it my self as in I never put the codes in and try to make the codes from scratch I got my codes from another source.


I learned how to make the character stable ground meaning ground the character could walk on and move around as he pleases.


I learned how to make a respawn box which is basically a box when if the character such as a ball fell of the map or ground he would respawn at the starting point. Also learned how to make enemies that kill you on the spot such as if you touch them or they touch. I realized in the end they are both the same with the same code because if you kill them they go back to respawn.


I learned how to make portals meaning objects that can let you go to the next level or another part of the level but i never showed that. it is the same thing as re-spawning but its like re-spawning in a different frame or coordinates.