BPF and C-CUE Networking Conference

August 22, 2016 from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Network, Share, Learn, Grow

The Center for Urban Christian Educators and Bright Promise Fund are co-sponsoring a networking conference for the teachers and administrators of the BPF schools. This event will be held at Chicago West Side Christian School on Monday, August 22, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Snacks, lunch and beverage will be provided.

Vocabulary Strategies to Increase Students' Thinking and Comprehension

Without a sufficient understanding of words students cannot understand others or express their own ideas. Vocabulary acquisition is important at all grade levels and across the curriculum. It helps children understand what they hear as well as what they read, and it bolsters their ability to grasp ideas and think more logically. Leave this session with concrete ideas and strategies for increasing your students' vocabulary during the upcoming school year. Presenter: Mary Martin, Moody Bible Institute

Reading this article prior to the conference will prepare you for considering creative ways to teach vocabulary. Doing it Differently: Tips for Teaching Vocabulary

Round Table Discussions

Teachers learn most from their colleagues! The conference will include a 50 minute block of time for grade level groups of teachers to meet together and share idea around a common topic. Come prepared with a question you would like to discuss with your peers or select a pertinent question to address from the list that will be provided.

Student Adaptations: Accommodations, Modifications, and Interventions

It is likely that every teacher has experienced the frustration of finding ways to meet the learning needs of all students in his/her classroom. Two experienced educators will join us at the conference to share concrete and specific ways teachers can address this concern.

Presenters: Becci Timmer, teacher consultant for the Christian Learning Center and Kendra Trosper Pena, classroom teacher and certified trainer in Differentiation.

Movement Matters: Tips for Teachers

Children need to move to stay focused and to learn. Evidence from imaging sources, anatomical studies, and clinical data shows that moderate exercise enhances cognitive processing. It also increases the number of brain cells. Leave this session with a better understanding of the link between movement and learning and practical ideas for incorporating movement in the classroom. Presenter: Holly Aungst, Trinity Christian College

Everybody Stand Up is a great article to read prior to attending this session.

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