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November 17, 2016 - Special American Education Week Edition

A message from Dr. Manno: A thought on the purpose of education

An overarching purpose of public education is to help develop citizens to contribute positively to our community, society, Nation, and to the World. The critical objective to achieve this purpose is fostering and instilling in our students respect for, kindness toward, and acceptance of others.

Dignity for All is the hallmark of New York State public schools. It is a priority for the Bedford Central School District. The Dignity for All Students Act ("DASA") was signed into law in 2012 to provide students with a safe and supportive environment free from discrimination, harassment, and bullying on school property, on a school bus, or at a school function, and was amended in 2013 to include cyberbullying.

During a period of time in which we, and our students, are often observing contentious public discourse, we encourage proactive conversations between parents/guardians and children to reinforce dignity, respect, and honor for all fellow students. We appreciate the entire school community's support and involvement in helping to maintain a safe and positive learning environment in each of our schools.

In Service,

Dr. Christopher Manno,

Superintendent of Schools

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American Education Week

Dear BCSD Staff, Administrators, Students, and Families,

November brings several important recognitions for educators.

Co-sponsored by the National Education Association, National PTA, and other national education associations to keep the public aware of the importance of education and to recognize the work of educators, November 14th through the 18th is American Education Week. American Education Week is always observed the third week in November.

This week was one to celebrate public education and honor all of our educators and support staff and professionals who make a difference in ensuring that every child receives a quality education.

Education Support Professionals Day is observed the Wednesday of American Education Week, which is November 17th this year.

Substitute Educators Day is observed the Friday of American Education Week, which is observed November 18th this year.

School Psychology Awareness Week is the third week in November, and is a time we acknowledge our clinicians for their work to promote personal achievement, growth, and resilience, as well as a sense of belonging and well being for students.

National Parent Involvement Day, which this year is November 17th, is a day to recognize the role of parents, guardians and families in a quality education.

Each October, National Principals Month recognizes the essential role that principals play in making a school great.

Other educational professionals such as librarians/media specialists, related services providers, school counselors and clinicians are recognized formally by other national organizations throughout the school year. This month and throughout the year we value their work and the work of every individual who contributes to the education of our students.

Thank you to all our teachers and other professional staff, support professionals, office staff, substitute teachers, parents, volunteers, buildings and grounds staff, custodians, transportation staff, food service staff, administrators, School Board Members, and everyone else who participates in the education of our children for your commitment to supporting our vision of achievement and success for all students.

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