"Success By Design" September 28-October 2



We are exploring the possibility of supporting a Robotics competition at the 9/10 schools called FIRST Robotics ~ FTC (First Tech Challenge). FIRST For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and is a national organization supporting STEM practices. This is a competition that uses a head-to-head sports model and teams design, build, and program robots to compete against other robots. There is a short competition season between February-April; teams would begin planning in January.

Student teams range from 2-15, and I envision this as a curricular club on campus. There is quite a bit of time that would need to be devoted to this venture outside of school. It is essential to have a sponsor(s) who has an interest in this area and/or experience with robotics.

For more information, you could check out the FIRST website:

There would be financial support from the district to provide a small stipend for the sponsor and to pay for the registration/ competition fees and travel costs. Additionally, we would commit to assist in finding volunteers to help mentor, coach and develop strategies with your team to build the robots.

If you have any questions or want to discuss further how this might look on your campus, feel free to call me.

Let me know by the end of September if you are interested in starting a club on campus that would participate in this competition.


Plano ISD is seeking faculty members and administrators to volunteer to run for election to the District-based Improvement Committee. In compliance with Education Code 11.251, the work of the DBIC is to advise the Board or its designee in establishing and reviewing the District’s educational goals, objectives, and major District-wide classroom instructional programs.

The committee is comprised of 30 members, serving rotating terms, including teachers, parents, school and district administrators, and business and community representatives. Positions of faculty members and administrators on the committee are determined by election from a slate of volunteers who have applied for a position on the Committee. Representatives serve staggered three-year terms. The DBIC meets after school approximately 3 times each year in October/November, February/March, and May/June.

Vacancies to be filled on the committee are:

(6) – elementary school teachers (one of whom attends as a non-voting alternate)

(2) – middle school teachers (one of whom attends as a non-voting alternate)

(3) – high school/senior high teachers (one of whom attends as a non-voting alternate)

(1) – principal, elementary

(1) – principal, high school/senior high

Employees who are interested in volunteering to run for a position should complete the application found at: Please submit your application no later than Friday, October 2nd.



Please remember to discuss with your team regarding the dangers of the "ATOMIC F." We have a practice on campus that we feel that will prevent a student from completely shutting down.

Picture Day

Be picture ready Monday, September 28! Lifetouch will be here at 8:00 for faculty photos. Please report to the multipurpose room.

Lock Down Communication

In the event of a lockdown, we will communicate with you via Remind. All staff must sign up. Please sign up on your phone by typing the following code on your phone in the text message window: @mclions1. Send it to phone number 206.388.2635. It is important that you follow the drill procedures. No instruction should occur during a drill or actual lock down.

Homeroom Chats

Each year I conduct homeroom chats with students, particularly 9th grade. They will learn about my background and have an opportunity to ask me questions. If you are interested, email me your homeroom time and date you would like for me to come to your class.

Student of the Month

It is time to nominate our students of the month. I ask that each 1st period teacher nominate a student. Send your name to Dr. Long. Students that you nominate are those that demonstrate the McMillen Way:

  • strive for greatness
  • be of service
  • promote kindness
  • learn from mistakes
  • respect authority and each other
  • self-advocate
  • Do your best everyday

Award Chairperson

If you are interested in chairing the Awards Program, please let me know. It is a wonderful tradition spearheaded by Veronica Rodriguez. If you are interested, please contact me....Kyle Johnson.....Keesha Johnson....Lenne Stricker....Olivia Price.....Angie Ritchie....Michael Abney... Jaime Sharon...Lauren Piekarski... Richard Siewert...Peri Lobue... :)

Lions Lunch


  • We are still working out kinks, but overall, I think it is going well.
  • I will contact those with a duty coverage change.
  • We are meeting with students that will be assigned "Stay Put." If a student is failing four or more classes, they will be placed in Stay Put beginning Tuesday, September 29th.
  • A list of students in Stay Put will be sent to you in a email.

Stay Put

Location has been moved to F107 (multipurpose room)


I will meet with the FANS Dept. to discuss a schedule that would start Lions Lunch after 4th period.

Lions Lunch Suggestions (from faculty)

- Have a guest speaker every month to talk about teenager issues. Maybe having a TED Talk-like informal chat in the gym

- Forums to allow students to discuss important current issues with a Social Studies faculty or student council member moderating the discussion

-Having art/cultural activities outside where students can participate and create something on a monthly basis. I can think of having a drawing with chalk on the floor activity where students can express themselves.

-Quiet room for study hall

-Move lunch to after 4th period.

Pic of the Week

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Patrick France and family at Lego Land