Elementary eLearning Day

Accessing eLearning Day Lessons

Canvas Explained

Western Boone Community Schools utilizes a cloud-based learning management system called Canvas. Canvas gives teachers the ability to deliver instruction online, and will be the method used to make lessons available to students on all eLearning days. The directions that follow are intended for students who attend Thorntown or Granville Wells only.

Canvas Access for Elementary Students

Prior to the start of an eLearning day, parents will receive an email from school that will include your child's username and password for Canvas. To access and log into Canvas, follow these steps:

Navigating Canvas

When a student logs into Canvas, a page known as the "Dashboard" appears. In this list of courses will be an eLearning course. The name of this course begins with the teacher's last name followed by "eLearning" and the year (ex.- Ramey eLearning 18-19). All elementary students should open this course first on an eLearning day. Instructions for the eLearning day will be given in this eLearning course, so it is important to start there.