Triassic Park

I will show you what it was like in the Triassic period.

Major Geologic Events

First period, or the start of the Mesozoic Era. Start of the first reptiles like alligators and turtles. Also, the first mammals appeared, which evolved from warm-blooded reptiles. Pangaea held together most of the Triassic.


Hot and dry. In the summer,it was very hot, and cold in the winter. It was warmer than it is today. Highly seasonal monsoons occurred at coast regions. Hot and dry conditions are strongest in the center of Pangaea.

Major Organisms

The start of reptiles, early mammals, and marine life called ichthyosaurs. Coelophysis, a type of dinosaur, cycads, a type of tree, and megazostrodon a mammal.


It had many forests and living organisms. There is many deserts in the center of Pangaea, because it is the hottest and dryest there. There are many trees everywhere, and lots of reptiles. You would see lakes and marine life near the coastal areas.

Main Things You Would See

Turtles, alligators, and unevolved mammals. You would also see deserts, forests, and lakes near the coasts, with marine life living in it.

Things You Should Pack

Lots of water, clothes you would usually where in the summer, and weapons for hunting and to fight against predators. But in the minter, bring winter clothes, and heating pads to put on your beds, for warmth.


Overheating, hypothermia and being eaten by predators. As stated in number 3, it is very hot and dry in the summer, and cold and dry in the winter. Also, in number 4, the megazostrodon and coelophysis were carnivores.