Sam's science 6 page

This is my smore to show my learning in science.

An introduction to Sam

Hi my name is Sam Jihn aka Skyspirit Jihn lab . I love Korean foods and American foods. I like to play Pokémon Go and minecraft pc. My favorite color is red. The last thing I'd like to share is that I my favorite science subject is Microscope lab.

Introduction to science 6

We learned science safety, triple beam balance, matrices ruler, and microscope. We made science safety poster and matric ruler. We used microscope to see materials. In the class we did triple beam balance to measure weights.

My favorite lab/ actively or assignment

My favorite thing in science is microscope. Microscopes lab was fun because I can see what I can't see with my eyes. I looked up salt and I could see cubed shape in salt. In sand I looked up and I saw jelly bean shape.