Change Over Time

October 13, 2016

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Reflection for Class on Tuesday

Please select and print and image which represents your thinking from Chapter 6 in Change Over Time. Your image can be one that shows you change in thinking "I used to think and now I think this" or it can represent a question or deeper understanding. We will share our questions in class.

Google Community

I have been working, slowly, on putting our important documents and resources on a website we can all access (only with a link, not searchable) and it now seems that a Google Community is the tool the district is encouraging. I'm starting to shift Reading Recovery Resources into a community and will invite you soon.

Field Visits

I have nearly completed Round One for Field Visits and am starting goal setting meetings as well as team meetings at each site. I will start Round Two Field Visits soon, with priority for those who have lower discontinuing rates and/or have some students who are not accelerating. For any student who is not accelerating, please follow the process on the Hard to Accelerate suggestions from Clay (located in your file box) and send me an update on what you tried and what is working. A student who is not accelerating is one who is below the projection line for ending at level 14 on February 1.
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Test Link-Word Work Progression

This is the link that was a challenge last week. Let me know if it doesn't work.