Europe project

My county is Ukraine

The capital is Kiev

The blue in the flag means sky and the gold means wheat fields

the countries it borders are Poland Slovakia Hungary Romania Moldova Russia Belarus

some major landmarks are the Black Sea, Sea Of Azov, Dnieper Dniester Carpathian

some major landforms of Ukraineare St andrews church St volodymyrs cathedral

some major bodies of water are the black sea and Sea of Azov

The cold temp of winter freezes the seas which are their main water source

the ruler oh the Ukraine Aresniy Yatsenyuk he is a Prime Minister

the former prime minister was removed and because it was a prime government Aresnit passed a 3% election

the citizens of Ukraine are party free & house free

Ukraine is a poor country because of an economy crisis

the type of money that Ukraine uses is Ukrainian hryvnia

the main export(s) of Ukraine are ferrous nonferrous metals chemicals machinery suel petroleum transport equipment and food products also currently Ukraine's GPD is near 81.4 billion

the life expectancy at birth for a Ukrainian child is about 68.4 years 12 males roughly 9 females are born everyday the literacy rate for adults in Ukraine is 99.7% they mainly get water from the locals water well of bottled water from Kiev Ukraine's goverment

girls and boys start out wearing bright colors but get darker as they age girls wear a sorochki to weddings guys wear multi color suits to weddings

the major language spoken in Ukraine is Ukrainian

the major holidays in Ukraine are Orthodox easter day Labor day and Christmas

Ukraine's main religion is Catholic

the major food is potato pancakes it's servered with cheese or sour cream sometimes both

in the winter and early spring it's freezing and summer and early fall it fairly warm

The average rainfall is about 1875 mm

in the winter in Ukraine it can be about -20 Celsius in winter it can be about +24 Celsius

the people of Ukraine have to wear thick clothing in the winter and thinner clothing during late spring-late summer

Ukraine was first known as Keivan Rus thats why the capital is Kiev Ukraine was first known as Keivan Rus until they won a war against Russia in the 16th centurie in teh 9th centurie Kiev was the most populated city in Europe in 2011 the EX prime minister was charged for murder but the EX prime minister denies any part of the murder

2 ways that Ukraine and the US are the same is that they are both trying to stop nuclear bombs wars and they both have the most feared armies according to European officals 2 things that Ukraine and the Us dont have in common is that the US is working and likes working with Russia but for Ukraine they work with South Korea and likes working with South Korea in Ukraine most women are treated like objects used for entertainment in America women get to have the jobs they but for some jobs they want they'll need a degree from a college but in something like High School years you'll just need a decent education and hospitality now some major work places DONT requirer you to have an education Ex Apple co

here is the Ukrainian flag

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