Stephan f. austin

BY:Ivan, Christian and Wyatt

Steaphan F Austin

Stephan F austin was born November 3 1793 in virgina. He took over his own father town to become his own town. He was the leader of the war the mexico war and was the first president of the texas. and later die in 1836.

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But before that death, Stephan f. austin did many things. he was the father of texas, bringing 300 people to texas, etc. he was named after the capital of our state.

Successes and failures of the community

He was the father of texas that is one of the good things he did.

Then he was the first person to have a community in texas

An eyewitness story

Stephan f austin was a great man he offered my family and me to come and be in texas with him. This was very big he was the first man to build a community in texas. The people were calling him the father of texas. He had promised anyone who had come with him would be safe and there would be enough riches for a lot of people. Many people were concerned on going though because almost of the people who went to settlements were always killed or barley escaping with there lives. The settlements were always failing. my family and me had to take this chance though we had nothing back home it was worth a chance.

what geogrphy did stephans colony live in

Stephan's colony was dry and have lots of drouths. he had a hard time trying to collect water. some of the cattle and plants both died from lack of water. there would be about only 2 rainy days through out 1 month.