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2 week Enrollments Cover- April 18 to 29

All Enrollments that are submitted on time will be honored- Late enrollments can be accepted as space allows.

If there is a box available to check - then you are welcome to attend!

Please note the following:

If you enroll in sessions beyond April 29th - you are locked into those sessions and charges. You will not be credited for schedule changes.

Print (or save) a copy of your calendar so you know what days you have submitted for your child.

There is a Full Day included in this 2 week session- Space will be limited- NO DROP IN's THAT DAY!

4.22 Ninja Day!- Due to transportation issues- we will stay onsite today. We will have fun as ninjas! (no weapons) feel free to dress in your ninja best and join us! Bring a Lunch $30

TAX INFORMATION- haven't filed?

You can find your tax receipt for Aug 2015 to Dec 2015 in your BASE Parent Portal.

Tax Statements from BEFORE 8.10.15 were sent, by email, on Jan. 10, 2016. Hopefully you have kept this email:) If not, email and I will resend it to you within 2 days.
Check for your statements now- so you do not have to attempt to contact us, from your tax office!

Tax ID# 846 011 446

BASE Tuition Increase for the 2016-17 Session.

Complete Information about the Tuition Increase for the 2016-17 Session.

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The current 2015-16 Enrollment Session ends on June 30th 2016.

All Families wishing to continue care after 6.30.16 will need to re-register.

This will mean, going into your BASE Parent Portal answering 8 additional questions, checking over your existing info and paying the registration fee.
Reg fee $50 child/$75 family

New registration links will be available in May- and will be sent to families as soon as I receive them!

Summer Staycation Information

Our Summer Menu's are online!
It is looking like it will be an AMAZING Summer Staycation!

Due to the new accounting/billing systems there have been some major changes-

Your current registration ends on June 30th.

The next registration session begins on July 1st, 2016 and it will end on June 30, 2017.

The end and beginning dates coinside with the BASE/DCSD fiscal year.

Registration for the 2016-17 year will be available in May.

Sherry will send this to you AS SOON as she gets it. Sherry does not like waiting either:(

If you do not enroll in the 2016-17 session- you will NOT be able to attend after June 30th!!

Registration periods end/begin mid-summer! If you need care, please plan accordingly!


If you are registered right now, you do not have to worry about beginning of summer, you are already registered until the end of June.

BASE will send all info as soon as we get it so you can re-register for the 2016-17 session. That session will include ALL of July and continue to June 30 2017.
If you do not re-register, you will not be able to attend after June 30th.

We have negotiated and budgeted so that Full Day Fee's will NOT increase during the Summer Staycation 2016 Program.

All Tuition increases will begin on the first day of school. School begins Aug. 8th.

Special Circumstances-

Will your child go to CIMS next year and you only need care through July..... You have an incoming Kindergartener and need to add June..... You will only attend in June and July and do not want to pay for two registration periods....
Please contact Sherry by email!
We know that this change will cause issues for specific families. If you email Sherry, she can work with your specific needs, so that your children can be included, and you have paid appropriate fees.

*We are also collecting data on what needs we are not addressing- by emailing, you add to this data, so we can prepare for them for next year*