Comparison of World Religions

Cahshauna Murray


-It started when Jesus told his disciples to go out and teach about the gospel


-God the Father

-Christains believed that Jesus entered the world and died to save humanity from sin

- Judea; present day Isreal

- It began 2000 years ago

- Jesus used Parables in a lot of his teachings ( parables also can be in the old and new testaments) Noah's Ark, with all the animals and Noah saving everyone from the flood.

- Their "holy book" is called The Bible

-Their are about 2 billion followers


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-When the rebel prince rebelled against the oppressive socio- religious practices of his own family

-Siddhartha Gautama

-God's do not exist in Buddhism

-Northern India

- They believe that the ultimate goal in life is to achieve enlightenment as they perceive it.

-2,500 years ago

-The parable of The Poisoned Arrow

-It spread through Asia


-Relic were holy

-Estimated around 35 million believers

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-The Seven Sages who were the patriarchs of the Vedic religion


-Their God is referred to as Brahman

- 4000 years ago

-Six men and the Elephant

-There are 2.3 million Hinduism followers

- Spread to Southeast Asia and the Pacific


-Cattle were considered scared or holy

-The Wish Fulfilling Tree, the story is about children going under a wishing tree

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