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School Visits

Ah, old friends are nice, but visiting them is even nicer. This past Monday, CEOs Cameron Little and Sammi Reinier recently paid a visit to Pekin Community Schools, where they attended classes all day, acting as one of the students.

"It was interesting and the people do well there. I had a lot of fun," CEO Cameron Little reported.

Many may not know, but Little will be attending Pekin Community High School for his senior year. CEO Sammi Reinier also had a lot to say on the subject of Monday's visit.

"I had tons of fun. It was great to see my friends, and I can't wait to see them again," Reinier said.

Upon being asked how she felt about going back next year, Reinier answered simply with words that shocked us all.

"I'm not really looking forwards to it, but I suppose I have no choice."

Our reporters have been searching since for a miniscule amount of evidence that may point to why Reinier would not want to go back. Come back for next week's edition of The Tasty Feed to learn more about Reinier's views on going back and more! Have a tasty weekend!


Tuesday afternoon, President of Kool-Aid & Bananas Co., Marti Reinier came home from her job accompanied by grand-daughter, Taira Wickenkamp. The Tasty Feed was able to interview her, which you can read here, only at The Tasty Feed.

"So, what are you doing home from school?"

"I wasn't feeling well," Wickenkamp replied.

"Can you describe to me what happened?"

"I did my math paper and we were told that when we finished, we could go out to the commons and play on the computers. I went to go play on the computer and it was really bright."

"Brighter than normal?" our investigator asked.

"No. But it seemed bright. So I turned down the brightness and then I got really dizzy for some reason and stuff was blurry. My head started to hurt too." Wickenkamp told us.

"Are you feeling better now?"

"A little. My head still hurts though."

We learned from other sources there is a sickness going around in Wickenkamp's class. Now that Wickenkamp has came into the household of CEOs Little and Reinier, are they going to catch this odd sickness as well?

Big image
Wickenkamp, on the right, was healthy and happy in this photo. What caused her untimely sickness? Will it ever be back to the good ol' days for her?

Quiet Nights

Thursday night was nothing special. In fact, the CEOs family did absolutely nothing! Our investigator peered through their window, only to find they were simply playing on tablets, computers, or watching t.v. I suppose every family has those days when they do nothing, even important ones like the family that owns the company.