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Perth Symposium - 3rd June

It was lovely to see so many attend the Perth Symposium last month. A lot was accomplished in a very short space of time. Debate and discussion about our future direction and research was fruitful. Lidija (our new statistician) was introduced to the group and I know she has had a lot contact with some of you over the few last weeks. She assures me that she is busy reviewing data and crunching the numbers.

The spirit of AREST CF is alive and well, each individual contribution strengthens our uniqueness and drives our passion for CF research.

Stay safe, happy researching Annemarie

IMPORTANT: CRE application - Please read!!!! (Perth/Melbourne)

Renewing our CRE funding is vital to the continued success of the AREST CF program. As a part of the application, we need to have accurate and up to date information on the good work that everyone is doing/has done, not just the CIs. This includes any educational achievements, prizes or awards that you have received during your time with AREST CF, as well as the usual metrics of conference presentations and grants.

Please edit the live achievements spread sheet on SharePoint

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Website Update

The Website is now live, although, please bear in mind, some content is still under construction. The new URL is

If you have any content for the site please let Annemarie know.

BIG NEWS: Psychosocial Group gets an invite......

Cindy received an invitation to present the psychosocial research group activities at the european CF conference and has received 1500 bucks to attend. This is in addition to the acceptance of her most recent abstract for presentation.

This is really excellent and reflects the interest generated by her own PhD work that she has presented internationally and locally to date, and the work of the PS group entire

We will ensure her presentation drives home the unique setting of this PS research; the translational potential and her own findings. The presentation titled "Arresting psychological issues for better health outcomes".

Well done to Cindy.