reward dead or alive

birthplace and last seen

The last time the Gypsy Moth or Lymantria Dispar Dispar was seen was the North Eastern part of America. It's originally from Europe and Africa.

name and alias

Its common name is the Gypsy Moth but its scientific name is Lymantri Dispar Dispar

physical discription

Male - light brown with dark brown wings that have black bands on them, feathery antennas, 15 - 35 mm long 37 - 62 mm

Female - mostly white but bigger than the males. dark band on the wings

method of transportation

A man, El Trouelvet, wanted to breed a better silk worm, but some escaped into his neighborhood and established a new location for them.

Crimes and Punishment

The Gypsy Moth Gang defoliates 13 million acres of trees in the U.S.A. alone in one season. Threat to urban shade trees and ornamentals.

Their punishment is to arrest their migration main strategy to manage is called (STS). We need to delay the amount of new territory invaded through trapping and applying insectides. But there is no need to panic at all if you detect them in a given area.