Ecology Scavenger Hunt

-Meghan McAdams, Kelsey Neal

Abiotic v. Biotic

Autotroph and Heterotroph

Predator and Prey Relationship

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Kindal is the prey and I am the predator.


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Preston is helping me pick up the chair. I needed the chair but now I got it, and Preston now feels good in his heart about how he helped me.


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I needed the piece of paper under the table, so Reginald picked it up for me. It helped me, but didn't affect him.


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Caroline is "eating my arm" which is not good for me but good for her.

Food Chain

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Grayson is the producer, Brandon is the primary consumer, I'm the secondary consumer and Triston is the tertiary.

Grayson is eating the grass, and plants.

Brandon is eating Grayson and the grass.

I'm eating both of them.

And Triston is eating me and the other animals.

Carbon Cycle

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Grayson is breathing out CO2
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The bird is breathing.
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The tree is breathing in CO2, so that's the way it gets out.
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The caterpillar is breathing out.
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This fish is breathing out CO2 which form bubbles, and then the bubbles go to the top and pop and go into the air.