come to ETHIOPIA

by Maddie & Bella

Explore the Etheopian Food

Some Delicious Pumpkin

also healthy Vegetables

Yummy Chicken (sauce)

none smelly Cheese

and tasty Bayonet

traditional Gomen

awesome Pancakes

Some fishy Salmon goulash

mouth watering Beef t'ibs

Also Salad

unbelievably tasty Kitfo

historic Injera

Some flavour bursting cakes

Also sensational Curry

Ways to travel in ethiopia

By a none kicking donkey that loves humans
By a lovely trained camel that doesn't smell
By a warming new family car
By bus that no noisey people catch
By a motorcycle that is the new fashion

Things to do in our the best hotel here!!!!!

Go swimming
Relaxing by the pool
Eat in our goumet restaurant
Have a relaxing spar in your hotel room
Play tennis on our bran new tennis courts
Go to our sports area (seperate to our tennis courts)
Explore our safari park (pretend)
Get a tan which the boys will love


flights to Ethiopia are:
$5,653 per person


the food (above)
the people



visitors feedback

we hope you come to our hotel its the best one around and if you do come we wish you a great time and a great and safe travel!!!!!