My Hero

By: Megan Thomas

Introducing Tracie Thomas...

My hero, Tracie Thomas, is a math curriculum specialist for the schools of Park Ridge. She was a teacher for many years and was an extraordinary in every grade and subject that she taught. However, Tracie is also a mom to four kids (including myself) and she shows constant support and affection for them. She inspires me to better myself as a person and has made a positive impact on my life. For these reasons, she is my personal hero.
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Hero Interview

Hero Definition Essay

Megan Thomas


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What is a Hero?

A hero by definition is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. However, usually when you think of a hero you don't think of that definition. Instead you think of a heroic superhero with a long flowing cape flying through a city to save people. In my opinion a hero could be anyone: a teacher who helped a student realize their potential, a single parent raising their children alone, a war veteran who served for our country. But are heroes really that important? Some may argue that heroes aren't important, or that society could function just fine without them. But that doesn't is a false statement. Behind every extraordinary individual is an inspirational hero. So, yes, society could function without heroes, but that isn't the real question: What world would we be living in if we all didn't have heroes? A hero isn't limited to anything. A hero to me is someone who has positively impacted your life or a role model who helps you persevere through whatever you have trouble with.

A hero is a parent or sibling who is willing to take time out of their day to help you with whatever you need. Imagine staying up alone trying to finish your projects without anyone who helping and without being able to ask anyone anything. Consider the love that it would take for a sibling to be willing to sacrifice their sleep and health just to help you. This person is hero because they inspire and help you to overcome challenges. Think about staying up until three in the morning working to make sure that a project is finished. Only a person who really cares about you would be willing to stay up with you just to help. After working for hours, you'd both be exhausted and the tedious project would finally be finished. You'd be forced to realize how necessary that person had been in you finishing your work. They were there to inspire you, help you, and make sure that you would be okay when nobody else was.

A hero is someone who considers other people's emotions and goes out of their way to make a positive impact in their life. Alicia and Will have a three year old son, but unfortunately Alicia is sick with stage three breast cancer and rarely sees her beloved son. Will noticed how depressed Alicia was and decided to bring their son to visit her every day. Despite Alicia suffering, Will managed to find a way to make a positive impact in her life and put a smile on her face. The amount of compassion that Will has for Alicia is a bond that will never be broken, and no matter how many other obstacles life throws their way they will work together to overcome them. Being able to understand that a person is sad, and then going out of your way to make their day better is exactly what a hero would do. A hero is a person who helps you to persevere through challenges and a person who makes a positive impact in your life.

A hero is a person who inspires you to improve the situation that you are in and also the help others around you. They make you feel as if you can overcome any challenge that you are tasked with. A hero is a person who looks around and decides to go out of their way to make someone's day by doing something nice. When a person makes that impact it can set off a chain reaction of people doing nice things for each other. That one person, that hero, made a huge positive impact.

Untouchable Hero Essay

Megan Thomas

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Untouchable Hero Essay

At any point in a person's life, they can make the decision to help others around them. A person can devote their life to helping others, or simply hold a door open for a friend. No matter what they decide to do they will help someone. A hero is someone who inspires others to improve their lives or makes a positive impact on another person’s life. Just like that person who decides to help others around, a hero will make a positive impact on someone else's life. Nelson Mandela was a hero who made his goal in life to help others and to give everyone the rights they deserve. He persevered through challenges and never failed to help out his fellow citizens. Nelson Mandela embodied the courage and the strength that a hero needs to be successful.

Nelson Mandela, a South African native, devoted much of his life to fighting for the rights of black South Africans. He decided that he would continue to inspire others around him no matter where was. Nelson Mandela made a positive impact on many others around him. The Contemporary Black Biography writes, “With his magnetic personality and calm demeanor, Mandela was widely regarded as the last best hope for conciliating a peaceful transition to a South African government that would enfranchise all of its citizen." This proves that Nelson Mandela made a positive impact on others around him. He opted not to fight or start a war, but to peacefully make life better for everyone around him. Nelson Mandela peacefully found a way to give black South Africans the rights they deserved which shows that he made a positive impact on other people's lives.

However, Nelson Mandela also overcame a grueling prison sentence for his beliefs. He spent over twenty-five years in prison for his political beliefs. Some may think that that kind of prison sentence would destroy any hopes or dreams that a person had, but Nelson Mandela decided to find positive where he was shown negative. He decided to talk to other inmates about what he believed and about what rights everyone should have. The government was not appreciative about Mandela spreading his beliefs and he was soon moved to a maximum security prison. The Encyclopedia of World Biography writes, “"In 1982 Mandela was moved to the maximum security Pollsmoor Prison outside Cape Town. This move apparently stemmed from fears by the South African authorities that Mandela was exerting too great an influence on the other prisons at Robben Island." This proves that Nelson Mandela inspired others to benefit their lives. He taught the inmates about what a rights they should have and about what the government was doing that was unfair. Nelson Mandela made people realize that every citizen should have rights and every citizen should be able to live a happy life.

Throughout our lives we will run into many challenges and obstacles, but they only show us what we are capable of overcoming and who we are capable of being. Nelson Mandela is an exceptional hero because he not only got through the obstacles set in front of him, but he helped others overcome their obstacles and he inspired them to do better for themselves. Nelson Mandela gave a race their rights, he taught citizens and prisoners, and he demanded to be heard. Nelson Mandela embodied what a true hero is supposed to be.

This relates to my personal hero because my hero teaches me and many other people . Nelson Mandela taught thousands about the way life should be and the rights that should be given to citizens. He was a teacher (in his own way), similar to my hero. My personal hero may be teaching on a smaller scale and to a different audience, but still she is a teacher - similar to Nelson Mandela.

Passion Project

Passion Project

Project about Rocky River, Ohio (my personal hero's birthplace).

Passion Project Paragraph

This project relates to my personal hero because it is the town where my hero, my mother, was born and raised. All of the places and people in Rocky River helped to create the wonderful person that she is today. I wanted to learn about her birthplace because it seems logical to try and understand what or who she was influenced by, and also what each special place meant to her. Rocky River, Ohio played a key role in creating the hero that my mom is now and will always be.

Hero Haiku

An inspiration

Almost hiding in plain sight

Somehow always there


Untouchable Hero Essay

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Passion Project

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