Edgar Allan Poe

Sam Bintz

Edgar's Childhood

Edgar Allan Poe is a very famous poet who was born in January, 19, 1809. His parents were both actors. They both died when he was very young so he never got to know them. He then was adopted at age 3 by John Allan and Frances Valentine Allan. In 1826, Poe went to attend University of Virginia. Soon he became in debt by what people say from buying too much alcohol and became an alcoholic. Mr. Allan said he would send Poe some money to pay for school but only gave him less than a third of what he needed. Forcing Poe to drop out.
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Step Mother's Death

Edgar's step mother soon got sick from Tuberculosis to soon die. Edgar went to the next chapter in his life to join the United States Army. After Poe found out that Allan married another woman soon after his wife died. In raged Edgar started sending Allan hate. People say Edgar was purposely acting out to get out of the Army. In which Poe did get kicked out of the Army

Poe's Works

Poe went back to Baltimore and met Virginia, his cousin. To soon fall in love with her and marry. Over the time Edgar started to write more and more books. Poe's genre of stories he tells is mystery, horror, science fiction, and other things like that. Edgar wrote since he was very young. He published his first work in 1827, "Tamerlane and Other Poems".The themes of his books are also themes from his life, from death and being broke. Poe's most significant work is, "The Raven" published in 1845.


While Poe was still in Baltimore, Allan died. Also before that Poe's younger brother died. After years of marriage Edgar saw his wife, Virginia, slowly get sick. Finally in January 30, 1847, Virginia died of Tuberculosis. The same disease his very own mother died of, weirder part they died the same age, at 24. Edgar went into a great depression and didn't write any books. He gained his alcohol addiction again.
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The Mysterious Death Of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar's death is still a mystery today. Poe stopped in Baltimore and disappeared for five days. He was found in a public house in a bar room. He was quickly hospitalized but died on October 7, 1849. Some people think he died of alcohol poisoning or overdose. Some think he was drugged or mugged. Poe's death remains a mystery.