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Each One Teach One

5th Grade Science Fair was Techtastic!

Fifth grade students at the middle school have worked diligently in 2016 on their traditional science fair projects. They chose topics and investigated them with a partner or individually while utilizing the scientific method. This experience has always been a popular one but this year we added a little technology to enhance the experience!

Jane Keyes pushed into each 5th grade science class to provide students with instruction on using iMovie. Then students documented the their research with images and video taken on an iPad. This media was incorporated into a movie with text and narration as a means of reflecting on the process and telling the story of their work. The week before the big event, students worked in the library where Jane was available for individual assistance. Before long students who had finished were becoming peer instructors and helping others finalize their projects.

Student movies were embedded into their tri-fold project boards using an augmented reality app called Aurasma. This app allowed them to choose a “trigger” image that was used to automatically show their movie on any mobile device that had the app. Take a look at the video below, Each One Teach One, to see it in action.

Want to learn more? Check out the instructions in the Tech Resources folder in Google Drive.

iMovie Instructions:

Aurasma Instructions:

Apple Open House

May the Fourth be with you!

As part of being an Apple Distinguished school district, apple likes to have apple distinguished districts open their doors to other schools and districts throughout the region. We will be having an Open House for other districts on Wednesday May 4, 2016. We are looking for teachers to open their classrooms to teachers and staff from other school districts and show them how you are integrating iPads and other technologies into your classrooms. We are looking for teachers K-12 for this, please reach out to Erin Sheevers directly if you are interested!

This is a draft of The Invite going out to districts. Please let tech know if you have any questions!

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7th Graders Engaged in Some Great PBL Utilizing Technology!

During the month of February the 7th graders worked on "Proud To Be A New Yorker". This cross-curricular project encompassed all subject areas. The idea behind the project was to engage students in real world issues/topics while adhering to the 7th Grade curriculum to make it an all around meaningful experience. Students had a packet of instructions that helped guide them through the research and writing process. They also had the website "Proud To Be A New Yorker" to help guide them. Once that was completed they worked closely with the technology department on creating their iMovie newscast. Below please see a sampling of those movies. A special thanks to Mrs. Krajeski and Ms. Ulion who went above and beyond by devoting approximately 2 weeks of class time to role out the project and allowed them extra research time and the ability to work on their iMovies.

The 7th graders have been learning about United States government and New York State government during the month of February. To help engage students to have a better understanding of the U.S. Constitution Mr. Hughes had his students do Google Slide presentations on their interpretations of the Principles of the Constitution. Deb Tator used an app called Book Creator and had her students create books of their interpretations of the Goals and Principles of the Constitution. For each project students were required to find pictures that they believed explained the Goals and principles and then they had to put into their own words why they chose the picture and give the explanation of the principles and goals.

New Resources!

Check them out!

The Google Guru is consistent putting out great resources for teachers using Google Apps for Education. Deb Tator shared this resource before break on some improvements to google forms and sheets check it out for some great quick assessment ideas and more!

Nice article on a successful student help desk!

6 Features in GarageBand 2.1 for iOS That Will Blow Your Mind

New Music Apps from Apple Transform iOS Devices into Handheld Studios for Songwriters & Beatmakers

Updated Apple Distinguished Schools and Health & Medicine Collections:

To showcase the best success stories from our Apple Distinguished Schools, we have created an updated room on iTunes featuring a Multi-Touch book from each of the schools:

In addition, the Health & Medicine room on iTunes U has been expanded to include apps and books. Plus…new specialty pages have been added for Veterinary Science, Pediatrics, Dentistry and EMT:

What does research really say about iPad in the Classroom:

Computerworld says Mac is key for Enterprise:

VoiceOver Makes Apple Devices More Accessible Than Ever

iPad Enhances Learning at Marion Schools:

Caroline's Tech Tips

Caroline DiStefano has a new Tech Tips Folder in the Tech Resources Folder

Last month, Caroline started doing 15 Minute elementary tech bits after school, all of the resources and more she has put in her Tech Tips Folder these resources are not just for elementary teachers but anyone, they are fabulous! Some of them are linked below, check them out!

Informational Chapter Books by Room 7

C-A is on FIRE with GAFE!

To date, C-A has created over 40,000 Google Docs and uploaded over 60,000 items to Google Drive!

1/2 Day Student Tech Learning Day

Thursday, March 24th, 7:30-11:30am

24 Sunset Boulevard

Coxsackie, NY

Thursday 3/24/16 will be a half day of instruction for all students K-12 and a full day for teachers and staff.

All middle and high school students (grades 5-12) will be participating in a Student Tech Learning Day where they will be engaged in informative, skills based, and creation type technology sessions on topics like digital citizenship, iPad settings, utilization of find my iPad, iMovie, Book Creator, Google drive, and much more!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the tech department- we look forward to developing a successful Tech Learning Day for all! More information on this to follow!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.