September Elementary Math Update

Math Lead and Math Facilitator Communication

Cycle 1 3-5 Assessment Info Cycle 2 Tests will be posted by 9/30

Schoolnet Test Identification Information:

Beacon Interim Math 3 Cycle 1 2015-2016 3 619098 GE6VU7GU2

Beacon Interim Math 4 Cycle 1 2015-2016 4 619103 WE8PE4K

Beacon Interim Math 5 Cycle 1 2015-2016 5 619107 MU6WU2K

First In Math Takes Off in CMS Elementary Schools!

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Check out the leader board for each learning community!

Central: Cotswold Elementary

East: Reedy Creek Elementary

N East: University Meadows Elementary

North: Hornet's Nest Elementary

South: Pinewood Elementary

West: River Oaks Elementary/ Berryhill Academy(middle school included)

#1 School in the District for FIM: Cotswold Elementary

  • 108,000 questions answered by students
  • an average of 269 stickers per enrolled students
  • more than 300 hours of math

Way to go Cotswold! Watch out... I am sure others are not far behind.

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Math Facilitator Meeting September 29th 8:30-12:30

We currently have 1 math facilitator meeting scheduled for the year. Many of you will be meeting with your leadership teams during the week of 9/14. Our hope is to restructure the former monthly math facilitator meetings and offer professional development sessions for facilitators and math leads throughout the year at various times and dates. We will be better able to provide information on this during our first math facilitator meeting on 9/29.

Meeting Details:

Location: Spaugh

Time: 8:30-12:30

Tentative Agenda:

  • General Meeting
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Return to buildings
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Achieve the Core: New Resources Just Added

Are you your teachers trying to make sense of standards and how they connect across grade bands? If so, you have to visit this site! They have done amazing work. I am especially pleased with the new documents that support coherence at each grade level. Take time and visit the tasks, standards maps and connections to progressions for standards. We will be sure to share some of this at the September math facilitator meeting.

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Using Literacy Strategies to Improve Mathematics

This is much more than reading math books in math class. I have said this to many people and I completely understand why this is such a challenging concept to grasp. The following article may shed some light on this concept. How might we develop strong mathematical thinkers by addressing key literacy skills? What might it mean that our students can compute but cannot determine how to begin when faced with a math situation? How might we help? Read here to learn more:

Top 5 AMC Issues Addressed

Acquiring Teacher Passwords:

  1. login to your admin account
  2. select the data tab
  3. select the "teacher icon" (the red-headed female icon)
  4. select the teacher name (you may need to search if your staff is large)
  5. click the "pencil" icon beside the teacher's name
  6. click "view" beside password and share this info with the teacher
  • Please refrain from changing teacher passwords as the building admin

Access for Schools below 80%

  • If you have teachers who want to use AMC please allow them to login. We were able to secure extra slots for the high demand and are happy to accommodate any teacher interested in assessing.

AMC Training

We are happy to train your staff but you need to contact us and schedule.

Training Options:

  • During 90min planning (most ideal, real time assessing of live children)
  • During 45min planning (less ideal, involves watching video of assessments and practicing afterwards)
  • After school training (more ideal for teachers who know how to assess and read reports but need help selecting activities)

Process for Ordering AMC Materials:

  1. Email Kaneka or Gabe with your materials need
  2. Provide information about the school plan for training teachers in use of materials
  3. Materials will be shipped to your school from the warehouse
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How do we order Investigations Materials?

Schools will now need to order Investigations materials on their own. The contact for this is

Manipulatives like base 10 blocks, coins, stamps, pattern blocks, snap cubes... and such are the product of old NC manipulative kits and are over 9 years old. Schools in need of more math materials like these can contact Ryan Dougherty with ETA hand2mind at:

Need to Access Pearson Successnet?

Charlotte Investigations Online Training
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Dreambox Questions

Please direct all questions about Dreambox to
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Do the Math Update

Do the Math was a 1 time purchase for CMS in response to requests for math intervention for grades 3-5. Online access "progress space" will not be updated this year as the purchase was for the 14-15 school year only. Schools are free to purchase online access through school funds.

District Newsletter for Elementary Math Teachers

Math Manipulative in Support of Place Value

Take a look at Digi Blocks! We are often asked for recommendations on materials that schools may want to check out to support learning. I have heard good things about these blocks. Free demos are available online at:

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Questions/ Comments?

Please send comments and questions to or