Geena’s Glamorous Grooming

Grooming services for Dogs of all sizes and shapes.

The people behind the business..

This shop is family owned and operated. My parents are my silent partners. They provide backing and expertise needed to keep my shop going. I needed investors and did not want someone who would be hands on in the business environment. This type of partner allows me to have the assistance of funding and business advice without the day to day intrusion.

Grooming Summer Hours

Tuesday - Fridays 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. (earlier by appointment)

Saturday 12 - 6 p.m.

Closed Sundays

Fall Hours start August 24, 2014

Open weekday afternoons by appointment.

Saturdays 8:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Why we are unique?

My business will overcome the disadvantage of a market which has been inundated with numerous grooming services popping up everywhere. I will offer lower pricing, daycare while grooming and overall safety and security for the pets that are left in my care. I will offer a special touch of having the dogs hang out all day and playing with other dogs – doggy play dates will be included. Dogs will all have that special unique touch to their grooming.

A great p!ace to work...

I will not have employees initially, however, when my business grows I will include adding part-time employees. Employees will have a good working environment with flexible hours and competitive wages. I will hire employees when the demand for it is required. I will not be able to offer great wages and flexible hours if the demand for my business is not there. I will also hold weekly meetings with my team to make sure we have good open communication. I want to be a leader who is there and listen to the employees. I will set high expectations and they will know those expectations when they are hired and hear about them at the weekly meetings.

No Unions Needed -

I will not have a labor union involved as my business will be a small owner run shop with maximum of 5 employees. I don’t feel union representation would be an option in my business. I believe in Unions in larger business where employees need to be able to negotiate their pay, benefits etc.

Keeping the environment safe while your Dog stays clean. Go Green with Geena

It is very important to go green and recycle whenever possible. The following are the ways I will initially work to be environmentally aware and eco friendly -

I will use low flow water system for bathing. I will utilize a low bubble environmentally safe shampoo to wash the dogs – this requires less water to be wasted. The run-off water can and will be used to water the yard and garden due to the non-toxic nature of the shampoo.

Pet fur will be recycled and donated to the charity Matter of Trust. They use the pet hair to help soak up oil spills.

Crafts – dog’s hair can be recycled to make sweaters, scarves or bedding – or given to the owner to save in their memory books.

Gardening – I will use the left over dog hair in my composter because the hair is full of nitrogen.

I will leave some hair in the yard to help the birds – they can use the hair to build a nest.