come to our store on April the 13th Wednesday 10:30-12-00

Here are our supplies for low prices

pencils are 0.10 each pens are 0.40 each 1 pack of colored pencils is 1.28

erasers are 0.38 each sharpies are 1.01 each highlighters are .52 each

rulers are 0.53 each scissors 1.26 each binders are 2.43 each

glue sticks are 0.52 each expo markers are .80 each

What we have on sale

Binders used to be 2.70 but we are having a sell and they are 10% off

A pack of colored pencils were 1.50 but they ended up being 15% off

expo used to be 1.00 but we have it on sale for 20% off

rulers used to be .70 but now we have a sale for 25% off

scissors used to be 1.40 but we have a sale for 10% off

erasers used to be .50 but we have a sale for 25% off

Guaranteed to have low and affordable prices and we have good quality too.

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