Peter the Great

Emperor of Russia


Peter the Great was an absolute monarch. He had different people teach him different skills such as a dentist, a doctor, and he visited different galleries. He was very persuasive and many people feared him which caused him to a very forceful leader. He was merciless when it came to punishing people that resisted. Peter the Great took over the throne when he was only 10 years old. He was strict and demanding through out his rule.


Peter the Great had many goals he wanted to obtain during his rule. He wanted to strengthen the military. Along with wanting to expand Russian borders, Peter the Great also wanted to centralize royal power. He brought many people under his control and forced boyars or landowning nobles to serve the state in civilian or military positions. He wanted everything to become westernized.

Interesting Facts

  • When Peter the Great found his wife had a lover he had the man beheaded, then forced her to keep the man's head in a jar of alcohol in her bedroom which stood in Catherine’s bedroom till Peter’s death.
  • Peter the Great was married twice and had 11 children.
  • Peter the Great was six feet seven inches and a natural athlete.
  • In order to get more people to accept westernization, Peter the Great put a tax on men that refused to shave their beards.