Hurricane Katrina

By: Mohamed B.


Hurricane Katrina was a deadly storm that occurred on August 23 -August 30, 2005. It was a category 5 hurricane. There was flooding, severe storms, severe winds, etc. Millions of people were affected by either getting trapped in there houses, no food or water, or death. About 1 800 people were killed in this hurricane. The cities that were mainly targeted In the United States were, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, New Orleans, etc. In the next couple of paragraphs I will explain to you what really happened in this deadly hurricane.

How was it formed???

Hurricane Katrina was formed when the temperature in the Bahamas reached around 85°F. Warm/moist air rose causing condensation that formed extreme thunderstorms. This condensation caused warm air in the atmosphere and caused more warm ocean air that rose again to form more thunderstorms. This made it a cycle. The continuous cycle caused a pattern of winds that circulated. When these winds were about 39 mph, Hurricane Katrina was formed. At that time it was in the gulf of Mexico and moving upwards to Florida. Although the hurricane was extremely bad at one point, it was also not as bad at another point. For example, when it reached southern Florida, it dropped to a category 3. But it didn't stay there for long. When it went back to the Gulf of Mexico it formed to its worst ever. At one point, wind speeds reached to 170 mph! Then on August 29, 2005 it hit land in the Louisianan-Mississippi area and it was dreadful. Most hurricanes tend to live in the ocean but unfortunately Katrina wasn't.

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Impact on Canada

We all know that Hurricane Katrina mainly targeted the United States, but you might not know that it also affected Canada in a way. In southern Ontario, there were heavy rain storms and tropical storms causing severe winds. There were about 4 inches of rain, flooding in some areas, and damage because of fallen trees. In Quebec there was heavy rainfall and small villages were isolated. Some roads were damaged so travel had to be by boat. Overall, Canada wasn't really affected by Hurricane Katrina.

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Overall, Hurricane Katrina was very dreadful. About 1,800 people died and millions of people were affected by either damaged homes, loss of family members, loss of valued items, etc. The damage that was caused was over $108 Billion dollars. Hurricane Katrina was one of the biggest hurricanes ever to hit the Unites States. I hope you enjoyed my newspaper article.

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