Our Zero Hero!

President Jackson

"Spoils System"

President Jackson had to go through three men until he finally choose the third. He chose the third because he did whatever Jackson wanted with out giving his opinion or over thinking it. While the others wouldn't do anything that was againts (or thought was againts) the constitution. He wanted someone who just did what he said and when he wanted!

"Nullification Crisis"

During Jackson's presidency 2 tariffs were passed (1828 and 1832). Which made the South very upset because this meant that the South would have to pay a lot of money, because they had little manufacturing so they still relied a lot on imported goods. Because of these tariffs the South threatened to secede.(or officially withdraw) So then the congress quickly passed the Force Bill<which forced the South to pay the taxes. So after all they resolved the Nullification Crisis by passing the compromise of 1820.

Three reasons why Jackson wasn't a hero!

Cartoon of Jackson.

This shows how president Jackson was a big mean man. He scared people away, and seemed like he destroyed everything around him.
Indian Removal Act 1830 Andrew Jackson