3rd six weeks

by: Courtney Jones

Topic sentence

The sentence in an expository paragraph which summarizes the main idea of that paragraph.

Graphic organizer

is a visual display that demonstrates relationships between facts, concepts or ideas.

Descriptive language

Uses images that appeal to the reader's senses, helping the reader to imagine how a subject looks, sounds, smells, taste, or feels.


A spoken or written account of connected events ; a story

Sensory language

that connects to the five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch) to create an image description.

Rough draft

is the stage of essay writing that occurs between outlining and essay editing


prepare (written material) for publication by correcting, condensing.


produce an idea or way of solving a problem by holding a spontaneous group discussion.


the end of an event or process


how the conflicts are solved and how it ends.

Falling action

as the part of a story after the climax and before the very end.


the most intense, exciting, or important point of something ; a culmination or apex.

Rising action.

in a plot is a series of relevant incidents that create suspense, interest and tension in a narrative.


where an event takes place

Plot development

is a literary term used to describe the events that make up a story or the main part of a story

Main point

is important information that tells more about the overall idea of a paragraph or section of a text.

Body paragraph

supporting sentences that discuss the idea or ideas in the topic sentences using and/or evidence to support that discussion and a concluding sentence that emphasizes the importance of the supporting