When The Fire Alarm Goes Off The Lights Go On

Fire burning match slow motion (Full HD)

The fire above is spreading in slow motion. But still it goes fast. Imagine a fire started in your house at night and your fire alarm went off. You would have only minutes to get out of your house. This isn't as easy as it seems. Where there is fire there is smoke. The smoke fills the room and makes it impossible to see. Even the "bright" fire can't penetrate its darkness. But with the new Firelight the second the fire alarm goes off the lights go on. The bright lights, surrounding an exit, allow you to see the door before the smoke gets too thick.

This invention doesn't just go around doors. If you have a fire escape, you can put this around your window too!


So stop by the Firelight to see more about this helpful invention!

Mary Feranda 6th grader