Active Reading

Good readers think while reading to help make meaning.

Scholars! Use your learned reading strategies when you are reading at home.

Log in to your raz-kids accounts to read books at your independent reading levels.

Use the link below.

Readers' Notebooks

Remember to use your sticky notes to track your noticings. Check out these examples below!

Check out books from your local library!

Even if your library doesn't have the book you want, you can still get it. Simply log into your C/W Mars account using your library card number and password. Search for the book you want by title or author. Make sure you search ALL C/W Mars libraries. The library that has the book you want will send it to your local library for pick-up. Journey to the library using the C/W Mars link above.

Tumble Book Library

Listen to more great stories on Tumble Book Library! Just click on the link above.
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