Cathy Maurer's Classroom

Room #5 Jefferson Early Childhood Center


Welcome to Jefferson Early Childhood Center! My name is Cathy Maurer, and I have taught in CUSD200 for 9 years. I am excited to have your child begin his/her school career in District 200 at Jefferson in my classroom. I also want to share some links to valuable information that will be helpful throughout the school year.

Daily Snack

Please send your child to school with a healthy “nut free” snack and drink of your choosing every day. Also, be sure to write your child’s name on the snack or send it to school in a pouch or zip top bag with his/her name. The use of small reusable or recyclable containers is encouraged to limit the amount of trash. At Jefferson, we collect our empty juice pouches, applesauce pouches, and yogurt cups and send them into Teracycle to be repurposed. Jefferson Early Childhood Center receives $0.02 per juice or applesauce pouch and yogurt cup that we send in to Teracycle.

Weekly Newsletter and Classroom Website

Every Friday a newsletter will be sent home via email or in your child’s backpack for the following week. I will also upload a copy of the Friday newsletter to my classroom website which is linked to the Jefferson website. Reading through these papers each week provides you with a great opportunity to talk with your child about upcoming school events and to ask them about what they did in the classroom each day. This is a great way to ask your child where they played, what they played with, and who they played with each day.

Ms. Cathy Maurer - teacher

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
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